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Design Calculation

Temporary supporting structures for tower cranes are designed to withstand all the expected loads imposed by the tower crane, i.e., dead loads, live loads and wind loads.

Pre-delivery Critical Parts Inspection

Before delivery, all critical parts of a tower crane must be inspected by a Registered Professional Engineer.

Method Statement & Risk Assessment

Our method statement illustrates the safe work procedures clearly. It is written in a step by step instruction format that enables easy understanding. Our risk management involves having systematic process for addressing hazards in the workflow including identification, assessment and control.

Supervising Engineer & Competent Person

Our Supervising Engineers and Competent Persons are responsible for the supervision and monitoring of erection, height alteration and dismantling work.

Hontrade Engineering Limited

Group Background

Hontrade Engineering Limited was initiated and founded on 8 August 1992. The company and its subsidiaries are principally engaged in the structural design and providing heavy construction equipments for the construction works in China and Hong Kong.

The principal business activities of the Group are engaged in the full range of tower crane services covering research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, rental, erection, height alteration, dismantling, service and maintenance, inspection and consultancy work.

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