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Sales and Rental

Since Hontrade creation in 1992, we have assisted most customers in Hong Kong & our clients across Asia, Australia, Canada, India, United State and Europe.

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Structural Design

We specialize in the structural design of temporary supporting structures for tower cranes, e.g., foundation, support beams for tower crane height alteration.

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Safety Accessories

The primary function of anti-collision systems for tower cranes is to deal with the risks from interfering cranes on multi-cranes sites and the prohibition of flying over sensitive zones for isolated cranes.

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Related Services

We offer the full range of related services to meet the requirements as stipulated in the Guidelines on Safety of Tower Crane issued by the Construction Industry Council & Code of Practice for Safe Use of Tower Crane by the Labour Department.

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Qualified Workmen

We have the largest team of qualified workmen in Hong Kong to perform tower crane erection, height alteration, dismantling, overhaul, repair and maintenance in accordance with the local legislation requirements and other related guidelines.

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